Master test - PB
Minor User Experience Design

👩‍💻 Student
Veerle Beeker, 500767701

👨‍💻 Coach
André Neumann

🙍‍♀️ Client
Irene Kamp

 👥 Teachers/coaches
Fransiska Groenland - Coordinator & Big IA
André Neumann - Cognitive Psychology
Yuri Westplat - Multi Device Design
Irene Kamp - User Experience
Sam van der Steen - HCI mastery
Jens Erfurth - Seductive interaction design

📗 In this Product Biography you will find the process and work for the Mastertest of the minor User Experience Design. The overall Product Biography of the minor User Experience Design you can find here.

Table of content

Week 1

First Framing

Week 2

Week 3

Second framing

Week 4