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I have been workin on this [project] for some time. 
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Hi Kapwing subscribers -
Big company news! On Monday, we announced that we raised $1.7 million to help us accelerate Kapwing's growth and development. Check out the full press release on the Kapwing blog and the article in TechCrunch "Kapwing is Adobe for the meme generation."

I also wrote a post about why we decided to raise money instead of growing a lifestyle business. To give you the highlights, raising money allows us to:

- Hire engineers: With a few more team members, we can build new features and improve our existing ones faster

- Take a salary: For the first time in a year, Eric and I will be able to pay ourselves a bit, which makes us able to stop sweating the small stuff and invest in long-term growth.

- Benefit from the support of a larger community: We now have an incredible group of investors to advise us, extend resources, and introduce us to helpful connections. For customers, partners, and journalists, VC backing makes us more legitimate.

It's been almost exactly a year since I left Google, and it's wild to look back at the ups and downs of the past 12 months. I hope that the next 12 months are as fast-moving and fulfilling as the last have been.

Eric and I are so grateful to get the opportunity to grow Kapwing and looking forward to the challenges ahead! Thanks for all of your support,

Julia Enthoven

ps. We're trying to decide between email subscriptions systems, so in the meantime just reply to this email if you want to unsubscribe.


I saw your blog article about Facebook Cover videos - thanks for the helpful tutorial! I’m Julia, a web developer and entrepreneur living in San Francisco, and I just launched a tool to help people resize videos for Facebook Covers: Kapwing Resizer.

Could you take a look at the free tool and consider adding it to your article? We’re still a very young company, so would love all the feedback we can get from experts like you!


Product hunt launch letter - 

Hi PH,

💬 The Story
I was astonished when I discovered how simple habits compound over time:
- Reading 10 pages a day = 12 books per year
- Avoiding daily soda = 54k calories skipped
The problem is that I've always had trouble sticking with new habits. During the first days I'm able to do them, but after a while I lose momentum.

🛠 Solution
I decided to build a chrome extension to track my progress and keep me on track.