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BUILD STUFF 2022: The Future Beckons Us Home

Build Stuff 2022 will attract software developers, team leads, and CTOs in a uniquely multifaceted setting, showcasing innovative technology as well as EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES.

With a diverse guest list of influential policymakers, software development companies, and high-end executives, Build Stuff is the ‘EVENT OF THE YEAR’ for every company and developer in the software development field. This unique conference can help you attain or even surpass your goals, whatever they may be.

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Vilnius, Radisson Blu Lithuania
Nov 9-11, 2022
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2. Slogan/Theme: The Future Beckons Us Home.

Build Stuff Invites Software Developers, Team Leads, and CTOs to its 2022 Software Development Conference themed The Future Beckons Us Home”. The conference will be held November 9 - 11, 2022, in Vilnius, Radisson Blu Lithuania, and online.

Think of the most Sci-fi movie you have ever seen. It is filled with futuristic and almost seemingly impossible CGI effects of flying cars, advanced robots, teleportation, virtual reality being the real reality, and outstanding medical creations that cure terminal diseases in the blink of an eye.

This year will be taking a deep dive into the pillars of the next age… particularly as it relates to the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Serverless infrastructure, Programming languages & Platforms, Software Architecture, Tech Leadership and Cybersecurity.

This conference will cover everything you need to know about software development and technologies, with more than 100 breakout sessions as well as insightful and practical keynotes, workshops, and hands-on labs.

In our discussion, we want you to answer this one question: Are we on track? And more importantly, Are you prepared for the future?

Top 6 reasons why developers choose Build Stuff 2022:

#1 Enhance your career. Meet representatives from well-known Tech companies
# 2 Upskill Yourself & receive a digital certificate of attendance
# 3 Gain access to exclusive content and learn at your own pace. 
# 5 Stand Out & Be Visible among developers from around the world
# 6 Be on top of what Is happening in the field of Software Development with 100+ hours of content

3. What’s special for Build Stuff 2022?

a. Program

As 2022 passes & everything is coming back to normal in a slow pace - we realize: why not try to combine two worlds - digital & physical?  2022 is for a hybrid event: many possibilities, more knowledge, and more fun!

Check it OUT:
✔️ 100+ international speakers
✔️ 3 days
✔️ 7 rooms of sessions 
✔️Hands-On Labs & sessions 
✔️ CTO Awards