MarketGoo “Task” page audit

The context

At MarketGoo, we help SMEs and independent professionals to optimize the SEO of their websites through a great user experience with a simple UI adapted to their needs.

Currently MarketGoo offers an SEO audit for the user's website, offering a series of statistics that go together with tasks that the user can complete to improve their optimization. It is easy to see how each statistic triggers each task and how they contribute value by improving this statistic.

Although the recruitment and retention figures are good, we have detected a retention problem with some users in our first month. We believe that we can convert more freemium users to the paid version.

Target Audience

First month SME’s and entrepreneurs who have signed up but haven’t taken full initiative to optimize their SEO. They have little or no knowledge on the subject.  

The challenge

Part of the MarketGoo Product team is traveling together with one of their partners. Analyzing the evolution of the joint venture, we have detected points where we can optimize the product and we have been asked to prepare a small proposal to start iterating on it.

Specifically we have 4 hours to audit the “Task” page and sketch a solution for it.  (confession: I took a better part of my Sunday to complete this)  The idea is to give the traveling team a solution at the UX level and create a proposal together.  This way we can continue debugging it during the following week so that it may enter the following development sprints.


Our hypothesis is that users, seeing the section "Tasks" consider that it takes too much effort to start seeing the value on your site. This leads them to cancel their subscription.

Outline of recommendations

This outline gives suggestions on how to go about creating immediate changes that will improve the user experience in hopes of raising the retention rates with fewer people canceling their subscriptions.   



These changes need to be made before anything else.  They immediately affect the user experience before interacting with your “Task” page content.  Just by making these 2 changes your retention rate will increase and your bounce rate will decrease dramatically!

1. Mobile rendering