Maneki — Older Release Notes  

Maneki v2.0.0 — October 2013

October 13, 2018, 5:58 PM 
Service Release (customers under service only)
Maya Versions
2015sp6, 2016, 2016.5, 2017, 2018
Nuke (for Maneki Composer)
Versions: 12+, 12.5+
Windows / macOS / Linux

  • Improvement — Material ID AOV is now consistent between different scenes.
  • New — Added more auxiliary color outputs (total of 6). These are also texturable.
  • Fix (3Delight 12.5.20) improved behaviour of outline detection & drawing when overlapping  outlines have different thickness values. 
  • Fix (3Delight 12.5.14 ) shading compilation will not happen if swatch rendering is set to off. Shading compilation is therefore deferred to rendering.
  • Improvement (3Delight 12.5.13 ) a new outline detection algorithm is being used.
  • Fix — outline threshold in toon and toon_transparent: they are now texturable
  • Improvement — Maneki shaders are now not fully expanded in the node editor, this is because we are now using NE Templates.
  • New — Added selective outputs in Maneki Toon.
  • New — Added Maya 2018 support
  • New — added support for ambient light contribution, this is needed for the "artistic color region" workflow which allows artists to project any color region shaping through the Hatching feature of the Toon material.
  • New — Improved outline detection algorithm to avoid any depth-related color bleeding of outlines. 
  • Removed — Removed all Maneki PBR shaders. For PBR results use the next generation renderer “3Delight NSI” now available at by default.
  • New — New ToonLight light wrapper for additive delta lights, gradients and rims. This entirely replaces the need of using 3Delight Light attributes attached to Maya lights. ToonLights are drawn in OpenGL in Viewport 1.0/2.0. ToonLight are compatible with Maya light linking, just aswell as ToonCCLights .
  • New — Outline Threshold Scale is now texturable (requires 3Delight 12.5.2+)
  • New — Independent controls for simplification of normals, now diffuse, specular and simplified normals AOV (used for detection purposes) can be controlled separately.
  • New — Added ability to control outlines thickness based on the the illumination that they receive (bright/mid/dark)
  • New — Added a control to specify whether to evaluate Diffuse Bump in the Toon Normal AOV
  • New — Built-in licensing system and Maneki EULA.
  • New — Maneki smoothing algorithm now works on Multiverse | Studio for Maya nodes (mvCompoundShape).
  • New — Multiverse | Studio material write/read feature (powered by MaterialXS) now recognizes outline thickness and outline color attributes on shading groups.
  • New — Now bundles 3Delight as part of the toolset.
  • New — All lights are automatically color managed.
  • New — Consolidated and refactored all lighting and shading tool into a single plug-in simply named ManekiForMaya . This entirely replaces the two old plugins (jcubeShaders and jcubeToonLights).
  • Fixed — Handling of jcubeToonLight in all OpenGL devices for all Maya versions
  • Fixed — Handling of transparency in motion vector AOV.
  • Fixed — ToonTransparent correctly outputs motion vector, uvw, luminance_depth and depth AOVs.
  • Improved — Renamed Compositing section into Transparency
  • Updated — The previously named Glow AOV is now called "Auxiliary"
  • UI — Simplification and improvement in the Toon Shader
  • Improvement — Opacity is now applied to Depth Normalized, Facing Ratio, Normals, IDs and UVW AOVs
  • Fixed — Resolved issue with Rim Light Shadows which were only affecting objects not contained in any set.
  • Fixed — Toon Lights are now visible on DX11 VP in Windows
  • Improvement — updated AOV names and removed unnecessary AOVs.
  • Important — The minimum Maya version is 2015sp6
  • Improvement — Updated Maneki | Composer to latest NUKE
  • Fixed — Resolved an update issue with outline thickness and color attributes.
  • Improved — Better Image Layers names. 
  • Update — Updated Maneki | Composer for NUKE to NUKE version 10.5