Funnelvio Launch Document

Launch date: 29th July, Wednesday

Launch time: 11 AM ET/NY 

Closing date: 3rd August, midnight PST

JV Review Access:
Login URL :
Email :
Password : 

Pre-launch starts: 24th July, 5 PM ET/NY
Pre-launch webinar on 29th July, 10 AM ET/NY
Encore webinar on29th July at 5 PM ET/NY
Launch starts:29th July, 11 AM ET/NY
Launch ends: 3rd August, midnight PST

$25.000 in PRIZES

Pre-launch Contest:

Prelaunch Details (starts on 24th July, 5 PM ET/NY):

$25 per sale EXTRA!

1. You mail for the pre-launch
2. We hard-code your leads (and retarget them too), and we mail throughout the launch with YOUR link.
3. If any lead that signs up during pre-launch also buys during the launch, we'll pay you $25 extra and, of course, you get your regular commissions. (if there are less than 10 front end sales, we will pay out post-refund period).

Overall Contest: 

1st prize - $12,000                     

2nd prize - $5,000                     

3rd prize - $2,000                       

4th prize - $1,000                          

5th prize - $500     

6th prize - $100

7th prize - $100

8th prize - $100

9th prize - $100

10th prize -  $100