Meetvio Launch Document

Launch date: 16th January, Thursday
Launch time: 11 AM ET/NY 
Closing date: 20th January, midnight PST


JV Review Access:
Login URL :
Email :
Password : promotemeetvio321

Pre-launch starts: 13th January, 5 PM ET/NY
Pre-launch webinar on 16th January, 10 AM ET/NY
Encore webinar with the same list at 3 PM ET/NY
Launch starts: 16th January, 11 AM ET/NY
Launch ends: 20th January, midnight PST

Pre-launch Contest:

Paid per lead - $2 (to be paid, the lead MUST open the LIVE email we send out, then it counts as a lead)

     1st prize - $1,000
     2nd prize - $500
     3rd prize - $250

Please Contact Neil Napier (skype - prince_capri) to get approved for pay per lead. Without that you will not be paid for the leads.

(Minimums on the pre-launch contest apply. You MUST send at least 200 pre-launch leads to qualify for any of these prizes. And in case you win the prize money, you will get $2 per lead. BUT if you win, you will be maxed at $1,000 (prize money). Similarly if you are 2nd, you will be maxed at $500)

We are planning to pay out $2,650 in pre-launch prize money. If this amount is not met, we will increase the prizes in other contests).

Overall Contest - No Minimum in Prizes: 

      1st prize - $4,000                     
  • 2nd prize - $1,500                     
  • 3rd prize - $750                       
  • 4th prize - $250                          
  • 5th prize - $100                         

(Teams allowed only for overall contest.)