Machinery breakdown cover for white goods
Insured items
means any household appliances described in the schedule. Some examples are:
  • televisions, DVD players, hi-fis, home theatre systems; 
  • fridges, stoves, ovens, microwaves;
  • washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers. 

What we insure
  • We will compensate you for sudden mechanical and electrical damage to the insured item that you could not have foreseen. 
  • We will compensate you if, at the time of the damage, the insured item was in the Home. 

What we do not insure
  • Theft
  • Wear, tear and deterioration
  • Household pests and pets 
  • Cleaning, dyeing, renovating and repairing
  • Confiscation and detention
  • Using or treating items in the wrong way
  • Damage to glass and lenses 
  • Damage to parts of the insured property that have short lifespan 
  • Damage to computers, notebooks, laptops, palmtops, iPads, tablets and data processing
  • equipment 
  • Damage to electric gate motors