MV-82 DMV re-design

Visual issues with current solution

  • type is too small, too much type
  • odd alignment of input boxes
  • color makes you want to throw it out in the first place 


Current form


The current DMV vehicle registration form is quite a rough sight. Aside from the poor alignment, most of the information fades into a sort of grey/blue void of input boxes and black bars of text. This core issue is caused by lack of contrast in the type, background, and all of the input boxes. 

My plan of attack

for this monster of user interaction will be to:
  • Re-align each step of the process with comfortable spacing and type size to help the user through each step. (this includes organizing each step with more intuitive use of gestalt principals)
  • Change the color to increase contrast (and possibly help with organization/navigation)
  • Edit content and hierarchy to increase scanability.

Solutions & reasoning

How to minimize fading to the background, losing focus:
  • Somehow re-think scrolling, snap-to important info/section/page
  • Have a collapsable, section by section progress tracker/navigation

How to maximize readability/scanibility:
  • Clear headers and section separation 
  • Numbered steps that are interactive (possibly with a short description on hover)
  • Have proper contrast of type, background, and input boxes
  • Re-think italics and other type differences 

How format can help with focus
How interactivity/feedback can help with focus

What purpose am I adding to the design/what am I doing for the user

  • What - control of the user
  • When - when it’s being done (workflow, steps)
  • Who - who is controlling
  • Why - why is the user trying to control the content, what’s the value to them

When looking at elements — 
  • What is the simplest way to solve the problem