MGP8: $4,200 to Noah Marconi for Open Grants Standards Dev
Applicant: 0xEB38597267b8b6f9cdfcf6466AD9384E95271EFC

Proposal Summary

  • Noah (CTO Tag Innovation) will deliver a solidity implementation, tests, and docs for the Open Grants Standard proposed by Moloch cofounder James Fickel
  • The Open Grants Standard is a standard around kickstarter-like grants funding where anyone can propose a grant and anyone else can contribute → more coordination for Ethereum!
  • estimated completion 2 weeks after grant proposal is accepted
  • cost $4,200 = 17 eth
  • shares to mint = 18

Open Grant Standard

This standard specifies a way for Ethereum users to propose, vote on and manage the distribution of grants. It allows for multiple grant recipients to be listed and receive rewards through one smart contract. The author of the contract may specify certain conditions such as requiring atomic grants (i.e. raise all or none), a voting threshold with Ether or other tokens, and a list of grant managers that can release funds over time.

Share Issuance