MGP 9.2: $2,000 for Koh Wei Jie for coordinating mixer development and funding
Koh Wei Jie has been coordinating the work to find a candidate (BlockX Labs) to work on a web UI for the Argent Hopper mixer (see MGP 9.1). For his work so far and for seeing MGP 9.1 to completion, he is requesting $2,000 (8 shares).

Wei Jie’s background

Wei Jie (first name) is a full-stack Ethereum developer based in Singapore. He spent 13 months with ConsenSys building a security token exchange, and is currently working full-time with the Semaphore team.

His contributions to making MGP 9.1 possible include:
Work done
Interviewed 7 candidates (with Ameen), sent acceptance/rejection emails to chosen/rejected candidates respectively
Worked with Semaphore researchers and the Argent team to determine the best path forward to collaborate and work in parallel
Wrote a scope of work for the Hopper web UI
Guided the chosen candidate through technical questions
Explored the possibility of a collaboration with Burner Wallet and POA network

This grant will include a small allocation for future coordination work as part of managing MGP 9.1 to completion
WJ’s rate: USD$100 / hour
USD requested: $100 * 20 = $2,000

Share allocation

WJ’s ETH address: 0xB5064A1Ec1B2cB2292e24c8e398C3FC1Efe43955