MGP 62 - Sybil Resistance


  • MGP 62 - $100K (23 ETH) for bounties for breaking Proof-of-Humanity and BrightID
  • coordinating with Santi Siri and Kevin Owocki for bounty terms & conditions
  • Any unused funds will be returned to the DAO treasury


  • alternatives to coin-voting are hampered by the lack of secure anti-sybil mechanisms
  • the two leading anti-sybil systems Proof-of-Humanity and BrightID, and while they are gaining traction, they have yet to be adversarially battle tested
  • this grant proposal would fund bounties for successful sybil attacks against the systems, to demonstrate their security and viability as governance infrastructure

Example Proof-of-Humanity Bounty Schedule (Final TBD)

  • $5K - $1K for first 5 people to get 2x sybil attack at all - rewarded immediately
  • $5K - bonus for the first successful sybil attack that uses a deepfake of another person
  • $20K - for the first person to successfully sybil attack with at least 2x for 30 days
  • 2nd account must live 30 days
  • $20K - for first person to sybil attack 3x accounts for at least 1 week
  • 3rd account must live 1 week