Breaking into DevRel 

we restart next speaker is an extract of his next Newry developer advocate would you rather take speaker and red mentor
where he is not programming in London
you will come across the airport
Iran creepy man who likes to travel the world
Welcome Break
thank you thank you
oh that's y I said I do a bunch of things in this world
my mum is like my free time I'm on the laptop speaker which the program will going to talk about more in my slide and I also volunteer for them Islam Epsom Muslims program and I'm a mentor that but I do like the idea of a paycheck and getting paid as I work for next month as a trusted developer advocate only has also from Next more than at the back please say hi have you heard about next month before
a few of them a few of you for those who haven't heard about next month we do Cloud communications API thank you for money for talking about us so much at the moment is to work with us
panda if you want to find out more of this is not the company sells did you want to find out more comfortable grab a T-shirt please grab a t-shirt and ask us about what we do
don't take me too seriously though I do all these things
house almost got the right arrested 2 weeks ago are in New York City in a fountain while trying to pose for the mannequin piss
ok BB officer was really understanding and I didn't get a ticket but I got a I gotta talk
part of this team of developer advocate community builders Jeevan managers basically that development relations be mad Max Mark where 19 right now you're going to stay there were 19 right now and we're driving and were one of the big 4 that the biggest developer relations teams in the world
everybody kinda
everybody kinda wants to know
we started out and everybody has a different story and I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story how I started out and it all started about seven years ago
and about seven years ago I was there there was a t van called open source open mine in Romania and I was I was working for Mozilla the time and they asked me and a friend of mine a colleague of mine
basically do a talk about mobile and I was terrified of public speaking
timetable slide then she said you know what can you do the slides for me and said OK I'll do slide that's easy don't like this you have to go in front of a hundred and something people to talk about it and I do the slides and it was the morning of you believe and we're supposed to travel to different city and to do the event and that you are not calls me and she says
flight got delayed I might be a little late to the event stall and we get to the event and event organiser is actually a friend of a really nice person so she kept pushing a time slot later and later and later in the day and it came to to the pound where it was the last time slot of the day so someone had to go up on stage
event organiser whatsonstage literally like this and she was looking for you and I in the audience he said and now from from Mozilla 6 is going to come and speak about it and it took me awhile
I went up on stage and I put my hand in my pocket and I kept bouncing from one foot to the other and it took a good minute until I started speaking
when was once I started speaking I couldn't stop so nope no questions for the audience know nothing and after I finished
I spoke there was the questions and answers part and for every question that was I keep going further and further and further into the audience wear at a certain point when the question answers but finished as literary in the middle of the audience
finished with my dog you want actually showed up at the conference
that was recorded it's on YouTube sadly it's a Romania not charging luckily it's in Romanian but I still use it to this day when I do my public speaking classes about to show off as a good example of things not to do when it's because they're
and after that first thing I said I was horrified I was nervous I'm never doing it again and 2 weeks later speaking in front of maybe 50 people again
job start to install bath and I'm going through going through the the seven years because I want to get hired at next more last year and this is my first developer relations job
in between Dartford Park and getting a job in developer relations a lot of things happen
normal but the bunch of people asked me
did you do it and how do I do
how do I become a developer advocate to developer evangelist how do I get the job in developer relations
hard for me plans for that because I've had my journey
if you look online at what developer relations is there's this guy called Phil
value Nobel he happens to be my boss you can tell him I did a really good job in it with his face on my flight but she has this thing about defining developer relations and have the industry keeps quoting fell on what developer relations is so much things you can do in developer advocate or you like 12 or 13 different things and you can hear this application in which you can pick and choose what you do as part of your job and then gives you the application gives you a Dr title and you're a developer developer developer developer experience hard
tell people how you do these five steps
going to develop relations
bill service guy called Josh who used to work at algolia Dorset employ
what's in the bag
that says that not all the joint is that the same
DC motor journeys to developer advocacy looked the same successful advocate come from engineering community building and other disciplines to and that's just a part of developer relations developer advocate
and I just little people look I have no idea I think till I faked it till I made it it's easy
pasta and I don't belong here and I'm doing this
have I am I want to come this is a lot more than I went before I got the job because now basically meeting people like you out into the real world is my job I'm supposed to be the conduit between developers and Prague
a lot of people and
show me talked about the devil life about how cool and glamorous and stuff like that is I tell you what I want to go to like in to Tokyo on Sunday now on Friday
I'd like to talk to you on Friday and what I've seen from Tokyo so far is the ride from the airport to my hotel which my hotel is two minutes away