🐝 Looping Projection Critique


  1. Download this zip file and unzip it. (Copy: http://gds22.labud.nyc/assets/demos/soundscapes-yourname.zip into your browser’s URL and it should auto-download)
  1. Save all three of your videos in the unzipped folder.
  1. Rename your videos to video1.mp4 video2.mp4 and video3.mp4 do not have any spaces or capital letters. Use this exact naming convention.
  1. Rename the parent folder to “soundscapes-yourname” and replace “yourname” with your name. soundscapes-nika for example
  1. Double click “index.html” or pull it into the browser Chrome to see if your videos are loaded properly.
  1. If everything looks good, create a zip file of the parent folder and make sure it’s named: soundscapes-yourname.zip (yourname is your name)
  1. Upload the zip file to Canvas.


Welcome to our critique!

You’ll notice that each person has been assigned a first responder (1R), second responder (2R) and notetaker (N). The first and second responders (1R, 2R) will kick off our discussion as soon as the presenter has finished sharing their work – they will highlight interesting explorations and pose questions to the class about the work. The notetaker will listen carefully and document the highlights of the critique on our document.

Please also submit your assignment on Canvas.

When critiquing, these are the questions we should consider:
  • How are these three videos working as a system? What unifies them visually? What about conceptually? Do they work individually as well as in a group?
  • Does the animation feel intentional and natural? What about it is impacting this impression?
  • Is the relationship between the original artwork clear? In what ways did the designer emphasize or abstract part of the original work?
  • What else could we refine?


  1. Melody (1R: Alice, 2R: Becky, N: Diego)
  1. Alice (1R: Becky, 2R: Diego, N: Dina)
  1. Becky (1R: Diego, 2R: Dina, N: Mea)
  1. Diego (1R: Dina, 2R: Mea, N: Louise)
  1. Dina (1R: Mea, 2R: Louise, N: Sarah)
  1. Mea (1R: Sarah, 2R: Yune, N: Kunal)
  1. Louise (1R: Sarah, 2R: Yune, N: Kunal)
  1. Sarah (1R: Yune, 2R: Kunal, N: Dev)
  1. Yune (1R: Kunal, 2R: Dev, N: Marlies)
  1. Kunal (1R: Dev, 2R: Marlies, N: Melody)
  1. Dev (1R: Marlies, 2R: Melody, N: Alice)
  1. Marlies (1R: Melody, 2R: Alice, N: Becky)