Liquid Documentation
Version: 2.0.2 from October 8, 2018Ā 

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First of all make sure you understand Liquid, then you can jump to more complex stuff.


Introduce Liquid

šŸ’§ Liquid is a template engine which was crafted for very specific requirements by Shopify. Uscreen using this engine already for 5 years and now we are releasing our latest and greatest API version. Here you can find all information about Liquid standard library and about Uscreen specific tags and filters.

You can also check official Liquid documentation to understand basics.


Liquid Objects

Here you can see all Uscreen object available for usage.


The object represents the main item in Uscreen - information about your program and available methods. You can search program via Query interface.

  • id - return integer with ID.
  • title - return string with a title.
  • description - return string with a description. HTML-friendly field.
  • release_date - return date time release date OR creation date if first doesn't exist.
  • permalink - return string url handler part of program, you can customize it under Advance tab.
  • part_of_subscription - return boolean status of program inclusion in subscriptions.
  • url - return string full path with permalink to this program.
  • price - return integer program price in cents.
  • rental_price - return integer program rental price in cents.
  • main_poster - return string url to the main poster image.
  • duration - return string with formatted summary duration of all video chapters under this program.
  • tags - return array with tags, you can customize it under Advance tab.
  • meta_title - return string of SEO meta title, you can customize it under Advance tab.
  • meta_description - return string of SEO meta description, you can customize it under Advance tab. If the SEO meta description is empty, it will return the program.title.
  • author_id - return integer ID of author, you can use it to Query specific author after.
  • author - return author object (Hydra::AuthorDrop). Look at AuthorDrop as a reference to access further attributes.
  • category_ids - return string of categories ID's, you can use them to Query specific category/categories after.
  • custom_fields - return object that contain custom fields for this program, you can customize it under Advance tab.
  • event_launch_date - return datetime stamp of event start date and time, in the instance the program is a live event set for preregistration.


The object represents your storefront.

  • title - return string with a title.
  • url - return your storefront full url.
  • currency - return currency symbol