LingualBox Hourly Rate and Salary System
Last Update: Oct 21, 2017

LingualBox has a transparent rule for deciding the rate and salary. 


  1. Regular Cancellation: If you cancel a class more than 2 hours before the starting time, we call it a “Regular Cancellation”. 
  1. Last-minute Cancellation: If you cancel a class less than 2 hours before the starting time but not after the starting time. We call it a “Last-minute Cancellation”.
  1. Skipping: If you failed to cancel your class before the start time of the class . 

LingualBox Salary System: 

At LingualBox, the salary will be determined by 3 things. 

  1. Your Hourly Rate and number of lessons
  1. One Time Bonuses
  1. One Time Penalties

Hourly Rate Calculation System

At LingualBox, we believe being fair is important. So, we apply the following system to all the tutors. 

  1. Bottom Rate: 110PHP
  • Bottom Rate is the rate which will be applied to all the tutors. 
  1. Years of Experience as an ESL tutor
  1. Less than 6 months: +0PHP
  1. 6 Months - 1 Year:  +10PHP
  1. 1 Year - 3 Years: +20PHP
  1. 3 Years - 6 Years: +25PHP
  1. 6 Years+: +30PHP

  • Other than ESL tutoring experience. We count half of call center agent experience or teacher experience up to 1 year. For example if you had been working at a callcenter for 2 years or more. We will count it as 1 year of experience as an ESL tutor. 
  1. Veteran
  • After you conduct more than 1500 classes at LingualBox. We add “Veteran” bonus of 10PHP.
  1. Degree and Certification. 
  • Based on your degree or Certification. Some amount of rate will be added. If you satisfy more than two of them. The one with highest increase will be applied. 
  1. Bachelor degree related with Communication or Education. +5PHP
  1. Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English +10PHP
  1. TESOL/TEFL/TESL certificate +10PHP
  1. Master or Doctor degree related with Education +15PHP
  1. Tutor-related issue rate (See the details below)
  • Based on your issue rate, your rate will be changed by -15PHP to +15PHP. 

One Time Bonus

One time bonus will be applied in the following scenarios. (*Holidays and Sunday bonus hasn’t implemented in the system yet. It may start from this December. Only graveyard shift bonus will be applied for now. )

  1. A Trial student subscribed after taking a trial class of you +50PHP/class
  • Each student can take 2 trial classes. If the trial student take 2 trial classes of you before subscribing, you can receive 100PHP. 
  1. Holidays or Sundays: +10PHP/hour
  1. Graveyard(12MN-6AM): +10PHP/hour
  1. Graveyard on holidays or Sundays: +15PHP/hour

One Time Penalty

Cancellation and Skipping of classes

With all the classes tutor-related issue was reported, we are going to deduct the following amount from your next salary. if you submit documents which we can confirm you had a valid reason for the cancellation. We will not include those classes to the issue rate. (it can be applied only when you chose “Sickness” or “Family Sickness” as the reason of the issue.)