Legal Costs
What we insure

We will compensate you for legal costs that we have approved in writing, relating to:
  •  a civil court case by you;
  •  a civil court case against you;
  •  defending criminal charges against you.

What we do not insure

We do not compensate you for:
  • any legal action where you do not have reasonable prospects of success;
  • any legal action that is caused in any way by:
  • your job, business, profession or any other activity that you are paid
  • owning or using a vehicle, watercraft of any type, or aircraft; 
  • anything you have done that is dishonest, violent or indecent; 
  • subsidence, which is the gradual sinking of land; 
  • divorce, maintenance, custody, guardianship, curatorship or any 
      similar proceedings;
  • any proceedings related to intellectual property, such as copyright,
      trademarks, tradenames, patents and other similar issues; 
  • defamation (false statements to third parties about you that harm 
      your reputation) or injuria, for example, an insult;
  • costs arising from legal actions, arbitration, inquests and statutory enquiries:
      between people insured under this section;
  • brought outside South Africa;
  • between you and us.