Leaderboards Project - Velocify
Velocify presents a gamification product to drive sales teams and help make competing fun!

Project Overview

Gamification is a huge topic across the sales industry in 2016. Providing tools that allow agents to compete amongst other teammates is highly desired. Velocify understands this growing demand and has delivered a new Lead Manager feature called Rewardification. Subscribers of Velocify's enterprise platform can create and manage interactive Leaderboards showcasing team rankings during a campaign. Our UX team helped design and prototype the Leaderboard presentations within a small timeframe. Creating a lean process was essential towards hitting our target deadline and helped keep the team on track.

Business Objectives

The goal for this project was to design a dynamic Leaderboard that would display across large HDTV's and also be accessible inside of the Lead Manager platform. Other requirements include Administrative setup and management controls, sales agent personalization tools and the ability for teammates to challenge each other during a specific campaign(s).

Requirements for the Project
  • Design a virtual board presentation that will display real-time rankings
  • Provide layouts for both desktop and HDTV devices
  • Include custom controls for agents to modify from their desktop
  • Admin setup and management tools

Who are the intended users?

Using the research our team had conducted in the past helped identify our Personas for this project. We understand what drives sales agents to compete for the number one spot and also the success our Leaderboard feature would create for Velocify customers.

Design Process and Documentation

Planning for a quick deadline required our team to gather the business objectives, research competitors providing similar products, design sketches that illustrated layout and functionality ideas during a workshop, render finalized detailed wireframes and also provide prototypes that development could reference.

Leaderboard Wireframes

High Fidelity and Product Mockups

Working along with the visual designer helped provide our team with a white label theme. Our UI artist designed a style guide which elegantly branded our Leaderboard prototypes.