📃 Land Kit Version Log
Land Kit

Land Kit .113

Plant Kit
  • Added Set Age component for a planting areas. Will change the size of the plants based on radius_max attribute and a "Growth Rate" data field (Mature height(.5 to 100 ft) ("Slow"(5-200yr), "Moderate"(2-50yr), and "Rapid"(1-20yr)).
  • Bug fixes

Land Kit .112

Plant Kit
  • Bloom Calendar can now create animated bloom. Will output all plants with updated colors according to the month. Component can also receive planting areas or plants. Previous version only took a short list or library of plants.
  • Bloom Calendar will accept months delimited with commas or a hyphen. Currently will always make a single range.
  • Culled plants in remove overlaps now return removed plants in case of need for further study.
  • Performance should be slightly faster on some operations
  • Data should now accept hyphen or em dash as a domain delimiter
  • Data will exclude any characters within parentheses (providing a way of commenting with in your data sheet without affecting the value)
  • Added more color names (list coming soon)
Topo Kit
  • Grid Surface option in Areas as Surfaces is much much faster.


Land Kit .111

Plant Kit
  • Added Remove Overlaps in area component. Will remove plants where overlaps occur within a given tolerance.
  • Removed deepcopy of plants in a lot of areas to avoid slower processing (tried to always reconnect the plant to a new area or no area if that was the case.
  • improved how plants get 'placed' in Place Plant in area component when no loc is defined.
  • Fill Pattern now includes plants that were already placed in a planting area (they could be used for co-location)
  • When no radius is provided and when plant.height_max and plant.height_min are present, calculates a radius automatically based on the Growth Form.


Land Kit .110

Paving Kit
  • Fixed issue where module array would blow up
Plant Kit
  • Added Environmental rules to fill pattern
  • bug fixes


Land Kit .109

Paving Kit
  • Added Image Color Rule which will create a rule for color based on an image input from a mapped surface.
Plant Kit
  • Added image analysis layer to create a layer from an image input from a mapped surface.
  • BETA: Added pattern fill (constrained) which behaves very similarly to a constrained fill. Missing self spacing and some plant co-location ranges (plants constrained near other plants work).
  • Weights are now assigned to plants automatically as attributes to plants (plant.w = 1.0). This attribute can be changed per plant just like any other attribute with the change attributes component.
  • Updated weight balancing to get more consistent fill densities on constrained fill. Still not perfect.
  • bug fixes