LaTeX\LaTeX Project Management
by Henrison Hsieh and Amy Bruno

Here are the files that we made during the (original) session:
Enterprising souls can take a look at my (Henrison’s) files here:

Reference Management

  • Refresher: LaTeX lets you concentrate on the content and not worry (too much) about the formatting
  • The same idea applies to your bibliography
  • Specify the complete information for all your references once
  • Then use that information repeatedly anywhere in your document

Creating your bibliography

  • 2 ways:
  • In the .tex file with your text (not recommended)
  • In a separate .bib (BibTeX) file (recommended)

BibTeX files contain entries
  author = {Noam Chomsky},
  title = {On Certain Formal Properties of Grammars},
  journal = {Information and Control},
  year = {1959},
  volume = {2},
  pages = {137--167},
  • Entry type: @ARTICLE 
  • Other common ones include @book and @inproceedings 
  • Not case sensitive
  • Citekey: chomsky1959 
  • Anything you want, as long as it is unique to a reference in a particular BibTeX file
  • This is what you will use to cite this reference in your document
  • Fields: title = {On Certain Formal Properties of Grammars}, 
  • fieldname = {content}, 
  • Different entry types have different required and compatible fields!
  • Note: --  creates an en-dash “–”, which is longer than a hyphen “-”

Citing your bibliography

  • \usepackage{natbib} 
  • Option authoryear gives you the “Chomsky (1959)” citation style
  • Specify the location of your .bib file: \bibliography{myreferences} 
  • No need to have .bib in the command
  • .bib file can be in a different place! \bibliography{../../LaTeXStorage/myreferences} 
  • Put this command wherever you want the bibliography to show up in your document (usually the end)
  • Specify a bibliography style: \bibliographystyle{chicagoa} 
  • The natbib documentation should have a list of some of the default available ones
  • Cite: \citet{chomsky1959} = “Chomsky (1959)”
  • natbib has a number of different ways of citing
  • \citep{chomsky1959}  = “(Chomsky 1959)”
  • \citealt{chomsky1959}  = “Chomsky 1959”
  • You can also have several citekeys in one command: \citep{chomsky1959,ref2} 
  • See the documentation for more!