PRIMARIES & SECONDARIES Poshtel Stock for Professional Investors Only


Invest In Poshtel (Secondaries) Shares HIGH PRIORITY ALERT 

by Simon V (new CEO at POSHTEL Int) and Morten Lund (CMO)

Milica Sokolovic, our fantastic head of legal and CoFounder in Poshtel Int  is about to migrate to either Canada (smart laws!) or Denmark. She has 0.5% of our total stock (Wested). 
In order to make this move feasible our board allows her to sell 200.000€ worth of shares (secondary).

OPPORTUNITY:  buy her shares directly, way cheaper than our BIG investors from last round valuation, who have much better (preferred) rights while getting both ways.
Milica will (thankfully) stay with us full time, working from wherever she ends up at. 
NOTE: If you want in you have to please read, follow some links and go trough full KYC
We don´t accept everybody in our family, you know who you are…
Read on if interested

Here is a Word From Our Girl:

  • Dear team, 

  • Being the 1st person in the company, when Posthel & 5th were just wonderful ideas on a piece of paper, needless its to say how much I believe in it. 
  • In the past 2,5 years I’ve invested not just my time but also my heart building this concept together with the most committed people I’ve ever worked with. 

  • However, due to circumstances mostly related to political instability in my beloved Serbia and the Balkans, I am moving out overseas. To get a chance to safely settle elsewere I am forced to sell up to 0,4% shares at 35% discount on last round valuation (84.5mio€). 

  • I’m keeping more than 1/2 of my shares (including non wested warrants) for sunnier days. 
  • I wouldn’t give up a single 1 of them if the situation wasn´t this critical. 

  • This is by far one of the hardest choices I´ve ever had to make, but I am glad because one lucky person will get the opportunity to have a stake in this AMAZING project.

  • Yours trully, 
  • Milica

Poshtel Update

In Nordhavn (Copenhagen) version 07 & serving Utitly + 100% sewage cleaning for grey and black waters.  

January was not the best month in our history. We failed collecting development fees altough I was almost 100% convinced to close 1.21mio€ with a single partner
Im Morten Lund. Not always perfect. 
Our cashflow was non existant, but we kept moving FWD.
Around Saint Valentines we didn´t secure our pet project in Camp Adventure. We should have listened to Den Grønne Fund, who demanded the Operator placed a minimum 10% funding into CAPEX. 
We will keep trying that one to happen sometime soon but our first priorities NOW are:

  • Financial closing on 10 projects (out of 80 solid leads) with GDV totalling 150mio€, expecting to reach 20-30% equity in every Suite we lease out
  • We are partnering with smaller developers (globally) and we LOVE to SHARE