LA Journal
In the late 1980s Voyager teamed up with Pioneer’s interactive laserdisc group based in Tokyo to produce a comprehensive collection of images and sounds of Los Angeles. Inspired by Patrick Burns’ pioneering Vancouver Disc (also published by Voyager) the goal was to employ the laserdisc’s ability to tell the story of LA with still photos, compressed motion photography and archival sound, by employing the laserdisc’s ability to store media in all its forms.
The Voyager team, led by Mark Brems used a special-purpose camera [See New Tools, New Images.] to make capture stills intended to be played back at different speeds. And since laserdiscs functionally had four audio tracks, the LA Journal contained an original stereo score by Carl Stone, a collection of contemporary spoken word performances curated by Harvey Kubernik and a selection of archival  track of archival music.

Here is the entire disc with the spoken word soundtrack. [If you’re interested in looking at this with some modicum of interactivity, you’ll need to download the file and play in Quicktime or VLC which enable playing frame by frame or in slow motion. And please excuse the silly poster frame that Dropbox chooses automatically.]

The following are screenshots from the discs which display the Table of Contents and instructions. Clunky by today’s standards, remember that this was designed in the late 80s for TV resolution (much less than today’s computer screens) and with little of the simple hyper-linking interactivity ushered in later with the world wide web.