Klime: Terms & conditions
Last updated June 08, 2022


What does Klime do?

Klime is the most effective way for companies to set up a referral hiring program, by allowing anyone inside or outside of the team to easily share their network.

Why should I use Klime?

Referrals are 5x more effective than all other sources of hiring. 46% of referral hires stay for over 3 years compared to 14% of job board hires. They're hired 55% faster, too.

However, engagement is low. Referral forms are long and take too much time to fill out. On top of that, most people have trouble remembering who they're connected with and if they match open positions.

Great referral programs don't bother your team. They grow it. That's why we're building Klime.

How do you do this?

  1. Trusted groups of people are invited by sharing a link: Team members, advisors, whoever can help. Our browser extension allows them to privately and securely share the names, titles, and profile links of their LinkedIn connections with the company.

  1. We intelligently matching those connections to the open positions the company is hiring for. When a match is found, we'll ask the referrer to rate them and increase their visibility.

  1. If the recruiting team member wants to get in touch, they send the referrer a forwardable email so they can get in touch. When they're hired, the referrer is granted a referral bonus. 

How do you integrate with LinkedIn? 

Our browser extension asks your browser for your LinkedIn session ID. We use that ID to request your connections on the linkedin.com website, only saving their names, titles, and profile links. 

Much to our regret, LinkedIn currently doesn’t offer an API to import your connections to a web service like ours. We have this API from LinkedIn but they refused to make it available. We fundamentally believe in ownership of your personal social graph and your rights to data portability. We’ve encouraged LinkedIn to provide functionality to that effect as soon as possible. 

How does Klime encourage diversity?

Referral programs have an inherent bias and can encourage hiring based on similarity instead of diversity. We ask every company that uses Klime to account for this. We also make referral programs accessible for people outside of the company’s team, allowing a bigger network of diverse participants in the program.

Who is Klime?

Klime is built by Robert Gaal and a few advisors. Robert previously built hiring tools at companies like Google and for his own startup funded by Y Combinator. Klime is currently being testing as part of a private beta test with a select few companies. If you’d like to get in touch, say hi!