Kevin Habich
I am Kevin. I like the internet. 
I received a computer engineering degree from University of Illinois at Chicago.
I make apps using React-Native, Unity, and Firebase.
I like to observe behaviors and build products around them.
On stackoverflow and github I go by kevando

What have I done lately?


I run a consulting agency. We build prototypes in various forms, such as: 
  • We created a fake financial company and did A/B testing on the website and digital ads in order to determine the best way to explain their new product not yet in market.
  • Developed a proof of concept for a new SCUBA device. We determined that underwater navigation is a super hard problem to solve and we made an iPhone app to demonstrate we could solve that problem. This significantly helped the fund raising process.
  • Designed a new UI/UX for an IoT keg tracker before determining the client just wanted a stylized version of their current bland HTML admin portal, which we just used Semantic.

Frameri Eyewear

We make interchangeable eyewear so you can have multiple lenses swap between multiple frames. We raised $3 million, created patented technology, sold in over 20 countries, won Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest $100k pitch competition, partnered with EnChroma color blind lenses.


Founder + Chief Technology Officer

What I did

  • Ran series of user experiments to optimize landing page
  • Built the entire website using Magento and nodeJS
  • Designed and built our internal Rx management product used by customer service
  • Implemented order fulfillment process, which included several external companies
  • Managed security and payments for entire store and company
  • Designed and implemented the “in store purchase” that happened through an iPad.
  • Implemented the AR virtual try on experience.
  • Designed and built our automated email marketing + retargeting campaign
  • Managed the entire 10 person team for a year, hired designers/developers

What I learned

More about the eyewear industry than you could possibly imagine. I also learned to trust my gut. 3 years of data to support/deny whether my initial reaction to something was accurate. I also learned the importance of listening to users. 

Pro tip: If you buy glasses online, they will need your (pupillary distance) PD and your eye doctor will claim he can’t give it to you, but legally he must. 

Recent projects

I helped design the iPhone game that uses Siri to turn your voice into block letters using ARKit + Unity software.


I designed chaz around the empathy handshake, a concept I based on the TCP handshake. I believe when you follow up on a recommendation, you build empathy. Available in the iTunes App Store
Built with React Native + Firebase.

Fest Queen

I built this app in React Native (available for iOS and Android) as a way to share our music preferences at Coachella. The app lets you download your schedule + your contact info as a phone background. Now if you lose your phone, it makes it super easy to get in touch with you and makes it super easy to keep in sync with your friends because they all have the same background
Built using React Native + Firebase.