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America / United States
  • American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America (2011) by Colin Woodard - torrents 
  • (audio & text) A People's History of the United States, 1492-Present, by Howard Zinn - torrents
  • (audio)  An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States by Roxanne Du - torrent
  • (audio) Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville (1835 & 1840) - torrents 
  • America's Deadliest Export: Democracy by William Blum - torrent 
  • (audio & text) Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines by Richard Heinberg - ebook | audio 
  • ECONned: How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism, by Yves Smith - torrents 
  • Wolf Nation: The Life, Death and Return of Wild American Wolves - torrent 
  • Pocket Birds of North America - torrent 
  • Democracy Incorporated, by Sheldon Wolin - torrents 
  • (audio & text) Legacy of Ashes: A History of the CIA by Tim Weiner - torrents   
  • (audio) Enemies: A History of the FBI by Tim Weiner - torrent 
  • (audio) The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes - torrent
  • The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska, by John DeCamp - torrents 
  • Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces, by Radley Balko (2013) - torrents 
  • The Five-Year Party: How Colleges Have Given Up on Educating Your Child and What You Can Do About It - torrents 
  • (not linked) 50 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School: Real-World Antidotes to Feel-Good Education - official website 
  • Death by Government by RJ Rummel - torrent 
  • Against His-Story, Against Leviathan by Fredy Perlman - torrent 
  • Extinct Animals: An Encyclopedia of Species that Have Disappeared by Ross Piper - torrent 
  • A People's History of the World by Chris Harman - torrent 
  • Plagues and Peoples by William McNeil - torrent 
  • The Wild Life of Our Bodies: Predators, Parasites, and Partners by Rob Dunn - torrent 
  • Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Pandemic by David Quammen - torrent