July | Papers

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The May and June segments of Papers, so far, have revealed so much for some of us, internally, as we’ve been going. Remarkable to see breakthroughs already in just the second month, to be honest. I’m personally part of this circle, this time, so it’s more peer-to-peer than the past projects, and I’m getting to experience it like anyone else. 

The idea is that we get comfortable and get to know people and then, invite some fo them, some of the time, to publish with us. In S P A C E. This is an example.. tomorrow’s issue !..

Now, for the news.

Opening it up a little, with 2 spots  1 spot left for July. Application required. [Note: There is a participation fee. It is USD $10/week. Selected candidates will be invited to register through S P A C E’s crowdfunding page.]

How to get started

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More from there, if it seems like a fit.

A. Spaice