Jekyll Workshop

What is Jekyll?

  • Jekyll has no dependencies on the server side
  • Just HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and any other assets we need
  • Can be put on basically any server

High level workflow

  • Create markdown & template files locally
  • Compile them into static files
  • Send final files to server
  • Profit

Writing is EASY with Jekyll

  • Uses plain text (markdown, textile)
  • Compiles Sass right out of the box
  • Layouts are created with Liquid
  • Ruby library created for Shopify originally
  • Powers many other things on the web now
  • Can easily deploy content for FREE!
  • Once a site is generated, it is not reliant on Jekyll or any technology anymore.

What are we creating?

Home page

  • Header title and sub title
  • Posts index with titles and dates
  • Post titles direct to post page

Post page

  • Same header as home
  • Post title
  • Post date
  • Post body
  • Related posts (next three)


Installing Jekyll


  • GitHub Account
  • If you already have one, log in
  • Ruby
ruby -v
  • Ruby Gems
  • Packaging system
  • Jekyll is a Ruby Gem
gem -v