Java developers - job ad
We need help developing a server java app that would analyze images using keywords and upload the appropriate images to Amazon S3 folder. Source images would come from Instagram. There would be info exchange with our CRM

About the API -

Before we hire new Java / Python programmers, they need to read and agree with the following:

  • Always provide solution(s) and initial results (such as a scraped CSV file with data - one sample at least)
  • Never provide raw data or duplicates of any kind 
  • Java desktop apps usually need to work on our remote mac computer and need to be tested in this environment 
  • We will only test apps if you think they work "well enough". We will not test anything if you think the app is full of problems.
  • Understand why app will do what it needs to do and suggest how app should work technically. For example: “The app extracts names from emails to be used for personalized email outreach. We create a custom app because nothing else is available or nothing can be found on the market”. This would not be acceptable: “I do not know what this is for and I do not care, I was asked to use a dictionary to extract names from a list of emails”
  • Have an idea approximately who and why will use the output files / final results
  • If we note that we do not want to extract names like Paris from - suggest a solution instead of saying something not actionable like "but Paris is both a name and a city. This was your idea! What I am supposed to do?"
  • Be able to provide UI / use documentation for your app if we feel we are confused as users or if you think you will not be able to answer questions about the app 2 years from now
  • Understand and use the logic in every decision that we make together during the development process