WG-CLI: Rust All Hands 2019 Topics

Topic: State of the CLIQuE

WG-CLI and everyone interested
Monday, 15:00-17:00
Meeting Style
Discussion, followed by brainstorming
  • Document describing progress on the key goals from 2018
  • Rough notes from experience reports and brainstorming session
  • List of possible concrete next steps for the WG to work on


  • Intro (15min)
  • What did we work on? (15min)
  • CLAiR (CLI book)
  • clap
  • man pages
  • maintenance of clap
  • configuration file management
  • quiCLI
  • State of the ecosystem (30 minutes)
  • Work on the clap vision (60 minutes)


  • Merge CLAiR PRs!
  • Blocked on clap 3
  • man page generation
  • clap is monolithic
  • Talk about thunder
  • unhappy with API
  • rewrite/restructure
  • Testing is really good!
  • assert_cli as 1.0 version including various testing crates
  • write blog posts! predicates is awesome!
  • Configuration management
  • confy has been used in prod
  • is assumed to be a “simple” tool right now
  • load/store config from OS-specific files works
  • there was no need to make it compatible with more complicated use cases so far
  • plans/considerations
  • make nested structures nice/work
  • configurable configuration file format
  • setups with multiple configurations
  • e.g. layering of config files/defaults
  • yosh: out of scope, hard to get right in a general case
  • aaron: layering is important