JLab Dev Meeting Minutes - 2019
Wednesdays, 9:00am PT

24 September 2019 onward:

We are now using HackMD: https://hackmd.io/Uscrk0N1RhCtX-p6ZHUuWQ?both

18 September 2019

  • Max
  • #7182, #7192, and various bugs caused by backwards compatibility issues
  • what should backwards compatibility mean for Jlab? Should all 1.x core packages be compatible with each other? 
  • Tricky issues with implicit dependencies (eg on something provided by an extension packakge)
  • Jason
  • Backwards compatibility issues with 1.1.3, and in general our philosophy moving forward
  • Kernel session refactor
  • PyDataNYC talk
  • Vidar
  • Reviews
  • Darian
  • Question about publishing coreutils
  • Steve
  • Took a break for a week
  • Tim 
  • OT: Website team has wrapped design, been working on getting it built.
  • Talk about using hackMD and posting meeting minutes in an issue.
  • Backwards compatibility:
  • Honor semver
  • DOM structure is not part of the public API
  • #main id is probably public API
  • Exported JS objects from the main import
  • CSS public variable names (not explicitly “private” variable names)
  • Now after 1.0 we need to be more mindful of backwards incompatabilities
  • Possibly add some Github tooling to make it easier to spot minor/major changes, and compare that to current state of master

11 September 2019

  • Darian
  • Should we remove deferred loading extensions in 2.0?
  • Released @jupyterlab/shortcutui 0.4
  • Zach
  • Cal Poly Intern Extensions. 
  • How do we sustainably maintain them moving forward?
  • Where do they belong? We mentioned jupyterlab org, but maybe that’s unsafe while they are still experimental.
  • Open issues for each individual repo on the team-compass repo.
  • jupyter_server, jupyterlab, notebook, and nbclassic discussion.
  • Should we make a ‘notebookNext’ branch under notebook as a way to move forward?
  • Switching to server extension for notebook server would force extension developers to update.