JD: VP of Engineering

Lead our engineering team and help us become the de-facto stock trading platform in India

We are solving one of the hardest problems in the stock market - enabling people to make safer, profitable decisions with the help of technology. This requires us to engineer some of the most challenging & demanding systems. 

You will be responsible for the most important, complex & unforgiving vertical in Market Pulse.

Tech facts to help you understand the current scale:
  1. 1M+ algorithms run/min 
  1. 100K+ API requests/min
  1. 25K+ concurrent users every second
  1. 8+ services deployed on 50+ servers
  1. 20M+ messages/min over websockets

And this is done by a 3-member backend team. The roadmap for the next 2 years is 10X more challenging & demanding. And that maybe an understatement. 

Key Objectives for You
  • Build engineering team, culture, practices
  • Spearhead architecture & technical direction for company
  • Plan & execute product roadmap
  • In the long run, help create a Tech brand for Market Pulse 

Challenges for You
  • Growing the engineering team from 6 member to 40 member in 2 years
  • AI trading assistant - a combination of an expert, advisor, guide & coach
  • Global expansion - both of business & engineering team

We are making trading & investing in capital markets easier, safer & profitable. 

History indicates that only 1% of the traders make money & less than 10% survive the first 6 months in the markets. We believe with safer technology, framework and skills, the casualties in capital markets can be reduced dramatically.

With this vision, we are building intelligent platforms & products that will change the way India trades and invests. 

Mission for 2 Years
So far, we are one of the best analytical platforms for traders in India. Our users like our charts, alerts and scanner that enable them to track & analyse markets with ease & efficiently.  

Now, we are focussed on becoming one of the most popular trading platforms in India.

Traction so far
As of today, we have 3.7 Lac traders using our platform monthly & over 1.75 Lac daily, spending over 45 mins per day.

We are the 3rd most used app in India, after Moneycontrol & Zerodha. And only one of the 2000 apps globally to have more than 1 Million downloads & 4.75 rating.

We believe that work should be a love-affair. And this simple agenda has helped us shape our DNA. We work hard to get in the right people and like to take our decisions democratically, whether big or small. We stay away from hierarchies, bosses, managers & people who need these. We don’t believe in spending 15 hours in office. We do what we love, yet have the capacity to do what’s required, joyfully.

Our motivations
We solve real pain-points that impact lives. The domain’s complexity & impact excites us. We like the challenge of going against the big guys & coming out on top. And lastly, the opportunity of building an organisation that we all love to be part of.