JAWS Session Room Moderation

For BASIC moderation of your own pre-recorded session, please see the sections highlighted in GREEN.
Our JAWS team will handle all other logistics, technical items and other pieces.

-10 minutes

Applies mostly to live video sessions only.
  • Live sessions will be initially set to NOT Enable Live in PheedLoop.
  • When attendees arrive, the pre-roll video will play and loop automatically
  • Live presenter(s) and moderators should sign into Zoom prior to the start of their session; it will start in practice mode.
  • Introduce yourself to the presenter(s) and let them know who you are and your role: “My name is ____________________ and I’m serving as the session moderator for your presentation. I’ll make sure you are ready to go live in time and I’ll also keep watch on the PheedLoop chat where the attendees will be engaging. If I see anything there that needs to get brought over to you here in Zoom, I will copy and paste into the chat here for you.”
  • Assist the presenter in troubleshooting any questions/concerns they have upon logging in. If you are unable to help them at any time, reach out to Kate or Aaron, or use the embedded chat feature in the bottom left corner of PheedLoop for immediate support.
  • AARON: 517-402-2019
  • KATE: 517-896-8545
  • (For LIVE video sessions only) Determine if the presenter(s) want you to “go live” with your video to voice things from the commentary in PheedLoop
  • Check with the presenter to see if they have segments where they will want to more actively engage with the audience… if so, do you need to post questions, links or text in the chat for them? Will you be pulling information back to zoom? Voicing responses?
  • You will want to see both Zoom and PheedLoop during the session so you can ensure the live feed continues and so you can manage the chat. This may require either multiple applications open and/or even two displays. Ideally, ONE device where you can see PheedLoop AND access Zoom chat will be ideal to copy/paste things from PheedLoop to Zoom.
-5 minutes

Applies mostly to live video sessions only.
(Primary for LIVE Video) Once the presenter is ready, start the webinar by moving it out of practice mode; if it’s not in practice mode, then you don’t even have to do this! Please be sure Zoom indicates that it is RECORDING. If not, begin recording to the cloud.

(Primary for LIVE Video) Depending on your role as a moderator, your camera may remain OFF unless you are moderating discussion and part of the presentation or in the event that information needs to be relayed to the presenter in a timely manner. When your camera is off, have your profile image be the #CAMPOnDEMAND logo, NOT your own picture please:

Remind the presenter of the start time (should be 5 minutes from now) and the listed end time on the schedule. Let them know you will also give them a 10-minute, 5-minute and 2-minute warning in the Zoom chat as the session comes to an end.
-3 minutes
As attendees enter, welcome them to the session in the chat box…

“Hi everyone! Welcome to the session! I am ____ and I’ll be moderating this session chat for our presenters. I invite you all to share your name and where you are joining from today in the chat!”
-1 minute
Conference Admin will click ENABLE LIVE to “on” from PheedLoop’s backend; feed will automatically switch over to Zoom feed.
Session Start Time
Presenter begins / Recording begins
Actively monitor the chat conversation throughout the session. As appropriate, share questions directly with presenters if they go unanswered.

Draw people into the session by asking questions in the chat and posting your own reactions. Here are some ideas, yet feel free to put your individual spin on things!
  • What do you hope to get out of this session? Type your response in the Chat window.
  • If you have questions for the presenters, type them in the chat!
  • If you want to share content on social, the hashtag is #CAMPOnDEMAND
  • What is one takeaway from this session?
  • What is one thing you will do differently as a result of this session?

If applicable, call attention to polls or other survey methods in the presentation as they come up throughout the session and encourage participants to respond accordingly.

End -10 minutes
In Zoom chat, let presenter know there are 10 minutes remaining.
End -8 minutes
Post in PheedLoop chat: 
As we get to the final minutes of this presentation, please share any questions you have so our presenter(s) can address them! If you have thoughts or contributions to share, those are welcome too!
End -5 minutes
In Zoom chat, let presenter know there are 5 minutes remaining.
End -2 minutes
In Zoom chat, let presenter know there are 2 minutes remaining.
Thank you all for joining us in this session and thank you to our presenter, _____! 

Provide instructions as needed for the post-presentation Q&A…
  • Attendees can continue submitting questions and comments in our chat - our presenters are here with us and happy to respond in the text area.
  • ONLY IF APPLICABLE: Attendees can continue submitting questions and comments in our chat or use the Q&A feature in the presentation window to submit questions; the presenters can see those and we’re taking comments to them as well. They’ll live-answer via video!
  • ONLY IF APPLICABLE: For those that would like to join us for a fully live/engaged discussion in Zoom, please follow the link to our meeting; we invite you to turn your camera on if you’re able to so we can get some personal interactions. If you would like to remain in PheedLoop, we will continue to monitor this chat as well and attendees can continue observing the video feed from here as well.