JAMstack SSGs: Notepad
Useful links:

Scavenger hunt:
  • Where is the post content?
  • in /posts
  • How is the post date set? (Tough one!)
  • Taken from the beginning of the filename (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • How is the projects page generated?
  • Data in /_data/projects.json
  • Template in /projects.html

Content building ideas:
  • Create a new post
  • Add a project or change the existing ones
  • Change the home page image

Sorting items in liquid:

Layout building ideas:
  • Change an existing layout
  • Change the styles
  • Challenge: build a new resume template using data
  • hint: use projects.html and projects.json as guides
  • Extra challenge: Pull data from an external source - for example, make a copy of the projects page that displays repositories from the GitHub API
  • hints & links:
  • last resort: take a peek at the external-data branch in the repo ;)

Headless CMS options: