User surveys, iterations, and more…

March 2019

While we’re iterating on our designs, we have also sent out our user survey to the Twitter-verse 
as well as through various Slack channels. Once we feel that we have a sufficient number of responses, we will follow up with user interviews and start the process of creating user personas.

Here’s our user survey:

Another additional design idea that I have been iterating on is a shared footer between Shop Talk Show, CSS-Tricks, and CodePen.
Here are some very early iterations:
We are also going to brainstorming a bit on the brand and what we want the look and feel of the site to portray. Whenever I start that process, I always like to start with a little bit of “mind mapping” and “word association.” I find that this can help me narrow down the direction of where I want the brand to go.
The show is a mix of informal conversation and levity, while discussing topics that can be… how do I say this? Dry….? The way that Chris and Dave are able to make some of these topics more fun and lighthearted is what makes the show so great. The idea of “shop talk” or “talking shop” tends to play into this idea of just having an informal conversation around a topic of interest. Their logo also plays into the “shop” idea with the images of tools and the sort of “rugged” and “unpolished” look.
As I think more about the branding, I want to continue to build upon this idea. Using tools, specifically wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, etc. to build something…..not sure what yet….