Intro to GraphQL
April 12-13, 2023

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Points of Contact:
  • Simon Sturmer <> - Instructor
  • Maddisen Tingey <> - Project Manager


You should be familiar with the following:
  • Basics of HTTP and REST
  • Node.js and asynchronous programming
  • Basic proficiency with React

Links for this class

  • Demo GraphQL Server here
  • Demo GraphQL Server with React frontend here

Labs, Exercises and Examples

Day 1

Task 1
Use the GraphQL playground from the demo GraphQL server (below). Your objective is to write a query to get the list of tasks. Each task should include id, title and some details about the user that task belongs to (user’s id, name).
  • Start here (remember to hit the “Open in new tab” button in the upper right)

Building a simple GraphQL server using Node and Apollo.

Task 2
Write a tasks resolver that will return all the tasks.

Adding a resolver for a single task.

Task 3
Write resolvers for users.