Integration testing for humans
This is an important juncture for both of us. This process has been designed to inform our decision as much as possible, as quickly as possible. 

1. Preliminary Fit: A quick chat with Arjun

This is a lightweight smoke test. We’ll answer:

  • Are remuneration expectations mutually feasible?
  • Is there a likely culture fit?
  • Is there a likely aptitude fit?

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes
Place: Over the phone/a coffee

From this point on, travel arrangements will be made for people outside Johannesburg.

2. Technical Aptitude: A couple puzzles with Sello

Sello will fire off a few questions to get a broad sense of your understanding, and then dive in with you to solve a couple little puzzles in a language of your choosing. 

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Zoom

3. Technical aptitude: A collaborative hack with Arjun

We are a small team, and tech is at the heart of what we do. The problem space is growing and shifting. Who we hire now will shape forever the pedigree of our team. Given that the overwhelming majority of engineers are unlikely to meet these demanding constraints, and that false positives can’t be afforded, we invest heavily in this part of the process.

The objective here is to construct an environment that emulates the actual one we’re hiring into. That means one in which there is:
  • Learning of new tech - either a new tool, language, or framework
  • Mutual exploration - neither you, nor Arjun, has all the answers
  • Urgency - we need to get to useful output quickly
  • Fun - we should enjoy working together

We’ve found that a collaborative hackathon, where we build something useful together, encapsulates these properties perfectly. We’ve built things like:
  • A WhatsApp food marketplace bot
  • A rudimentary SQL database 
  • A music visualizer that runs in the terminal
  • A way to join 2 companies’ slacks together (which actually became a feature of slack)

We'll decide on something on the day. Bring your laptop.

Duration: 4 hours, at least - anything further would be for fun
Place: Our office, next to 44 Stanley in Milpark

4. Culture fit: A chat with Sayo

By the end of this, you and Sayo will know each other.

Duration: 1 hour
Place: Somewhere in 44 Stanley