Install GaussSense SDK in Processing
GaussSense SDK for Processing provides handy libraries and sketch examples for you to experience the technology of magnetic field sensing of GaussSense. Start using it in your Processing projects in just two steps!

Import Library: GaussSense SDK for Processing

Please Install Processing IDE first.
You can install the GaussSense SDK for Processing with Contribution Manager.

  1. Open the Contribution Manager in Processing
  1. Search with “GaussSense” and install the GaussSense SDK for Processing
Then, you are good to go!

Open Sketch Examples of GaussSense SDK

Open File > Examples… > Contributed Libraries > GaussSense SDK for Processing.
Go ahead with the sketch example e1_HelloGaussSense in the Basics folder as shown in the image on the left below.
After Connecting Arduino Board and GaussSense, you could start running your first sketch example!