Impact Proptech Summit Asia



not CO² shame killing the export.

An event series - made to promote Danish Green tech - around Poshtel, Elleville and 5th Element and suppliers. Ramboll will be co-hosts - if they send invites to all their employees 18.000 (gets 75% off on price) and clients globally, same with Grundfos and Danfoss and Qualcom.

We kick this off - same day as we have funding for 5th Element - exspect Martch 2020. And we make this rund perpetually - globally. The world wants INFORMATION - and 5th Element will sell ANYWHERE.

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Bringing the future of real estate development and long term value creation to Asia 

Intro / Second slide:
The game is changing in the world of real estate. We have gathered the best minds from around the world to equip you to tackle the challenges of shifting demands, the potentials of new technology and the urgency of sustainability in real estate development. 

We offer an outstanding selection of tech innovators, thought-leaders, community builders and high-level practitioners, to take your property business to the next level -  with a clear focus on long term value creation in a changing market and a changing world. Welcome to the Impact Proptech Summit Asia.  

The Impact Proptech Summit is tailored for ambitious investors, developers, land-owners, facility managers, consultants and other actors in the intersection between real estate, development and facilities management.

Join the Impact Proptech Summit to  
  1. learn from top-notch international best practice and speakers 
  1. meet the most innovative proptech companies, investors and developers in your region 
  1. be at the forefront of real estate revolution 


Next generation tools for property value creation
We have carefully curated a selection of the most useful, thought-provoking and game changing innovations in the world of prop-tech. 

Making real estate really sustainable
What does it take for you to meet the rising demands of sustainability in real estate ? We show you ways to make the necessary steps economically viable.  

The future of living and working
We have harvested the insights from the best players such as WeWork, AirBnB to share the delicate insights in how to balance data harvesting and the human touch.   

Forming places that people treasure
What can we learn from the best service designers, experience makers and architects in the art of making places people desire.