Client: IADT ( MSc Project)
Responsibilities: Persona creation, paper prototyping, user testing
Work Credit: Mariana Spagnuolo - illustrations creation for final iteration final prototype, Persona data synthesis and heuristic evaluation Fran Jordan - Video Recording & Prototype creation for iteration 4 
Year: 2016

The Challenge

We had four weeks ideate, prototype and iterate on a new concept for Ikea iPad app.  It was my first group project on the UXD course, and our first opportunity to flex our UX muscles 💪 

Defining our users

In order to keep our own assumptions out of the design process we developed user personas.

We created our personas from through a mix of various quantitive and qualitative research methods. 

Brainstorming & Ideation.

Now that we had our personas refined and visualised, we came with as many solutions as possible so that  we could go prototype. We went for quantity here so we used various design methods from the designkit.org help up us come up with a wide array of ideas in a short space of time.

We used the storyboarding method to quickly map out each screen of the user journey to make sure we hadn't missed anything.  Being able to have this as quick sanity check when we were making the physical prototype when hugely beneficial towards the end! 


I put together our first prototype iteration in the first week of the project. Despite, a lot of the journeys and screens dramatically changed from the final prototype, the general concept for the product remained the same. 

I designed the prototype around the concept of bringing the showroom experience in-store shopping to the user in their homes. An immersive product experience would be essential for the user to want to use the app.

I started to prototype by thinking of what the initial experience for the user look like. I settled on have a extremely simple home screen with a very small amount of options.

User Testing

As a team to carried 6 users tests with participants. It quickly became apparent that some elements of our app worked better then others. 

Welcome Screen

After testing our second iteration of the prototype we identified the need for a better initial screen. We agreed a clearer call to action would be most effective in on-boarding the user to ease them into the app.