IDLink v1.1 User Guide 

Creating a new account

New accounts can be created from two locations:
  • From the pricing page on the website
  • From the login screen of the application

From the pricing page on the website: 
From the login screen

Then enter your Company and personal information.  After clicking ‘Create account’, you will see a screen telling you that a verification email will be sent.  Go to your inbox, click the verification email, setup your password; and you will get a welcome message with a link to the login screen where you can login with your new password. 

Once you’ve created an account you will be able to access your IDLink online at any time. No further installation is required.   

Setting up a data request page

Copy the link and email it to your developers.  We suggest having it added to your privacy or contact page.  Making the data request button available will ensure that data requests are received and logged in an orderly manner. 

Invite users

As the account creator you are the site owner and have automatically been assigned all the roles:

Owner:  Sets up an account, assigns additional users
Administrator:  Assigns and manages additional users, may set up/modify templates and set up a request page 
System User: Receives and fills data requests 
System Manager: Receives and fills data requests, may also modify templates

Enter the email of the person you wish to invite, and use the dropdown to assign their role.
We suggest you assign a user to each role.

Set up Security

After you’ve assigned all the roles you can scroll down to approvals.  Turn the approvals toggle on to increase security by requiring a second user’s approval before delivery on all data requests.  You can change the approver for individual deliveries in a customer request card’s settings.

Templates setup

When you create a new account, and navigate to Settings > Templates, you will only see one option on the page - the option to run the template wizard.  This will guide you through selecting a sector template and input forms.  The process will be as follows:

Step 1: Select a sector template.  You can only select one.  When you click on a template, the green check will appear in the bottom right to indicate it is selected.  Clicking again unchecks.  Your selection here will impact which input forms and tags appear in the following steps.

Step 2: Select input forms.  All input forms included in the chosen sector template will be shown here. They will be grouped into categories to make it easier to find the templates you need. You can select which forms are relevant to your company.  Your selections here will be shown in the next step.

Step 3: Review data tags.  The purpose of this screen is to introduce the idea of data tags, and to show what data tags are available. Tags cannot be edited here, only viewed.  At the top of the page will be the master list of all data tags available.  Then all the input forms selected in Step 2 will be listed, with data tags below to indicate what type of info is collected in those forms.  The master list of tags will include all tags included in the template, even tags that are not used by any of the selected input forms.