Connectid User Guide

Creating a new account 

Look for Connectid business plans in the products menu. You can start with the free version.

Or, you can go to our pricing page to start right away with the version that best suits your company.

We offer plans for companies of all sizes. If you aren’t sure which level is the best fit, you can request a demo and we’ll answer your questions personally.

Select a plan level, then follow the prompts to enter your company and personal information. 
After clicking, ‘Create account’, you will see a screen telling you that a verification email was sent.

Go to your inbox, open the verification email, and setup your password. You’ll get a welcome message with a link taking you to log in your new password.

Once you’ve created an account you will be able to access your Connectid app online at any time. No further installation is required.

Set up a data request page

Log in to your new account, and go to Settings, then Requests.  Copy the link and email it to your developers. We suggest having it added to your privacy or contact page. Making the Connectid data request button available will ensure that all data requests are received and logged in an orderly manner.

Set up users

Add additional users by going to Settings, then Roles. Enter the email address of the team member you want to add, then use the dropdown to assign their role.
As the account creator, you are the app owner and are assigned all the roles to get started. In very small companies, Connectid may be managed by one person; but for most companies, we suggest assigning a different team member for each role. 

Roles are defined as follows:

Owner: Creates account, assigns additional users, sets up/modifies templates and request page
Administrator: Assigns and manages users, sets up/modifies templates and request page
System User: Receives and fills data requests
System Manager: Receives and fills data requests, may modify templates

Set up Security

After you’ve assigned all the roles, scroll down the same page to manage approvals. Turn on the approvals toggle to increase security, requiring a second user’s approval before delivery for all requests. Assign a default approver. You will still be able to change the approver for individual deliveries in the customer request card (CRC) settings.

Setup templates

Navigate to Settings, then Templates. You will see only one option on the page: Start the setup wizard. The setup wizard will guide you through a selection of sector templates and input forms.
The wizard will guide you through three steps: 

Step 1: Choose the sector profile that best describes your company. You can only select one. Your selection will impact which input forms and tags appear in the following steps.
Step 2: Select from a collection of input forms generated for your sector.  Choose the forms that best describe the type of personal information your company collects.  Your selections will be shown in the next step.
Step 3: Review the collection of data tags that have been produced especially for the type of data your company handles.  Data tags will encourage individuals be specific in their requests and help you organize and fill the requests more efficiently.