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How to Write Podcast Show Notes

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  • Once episode posts, add Episode specific links to Stitcher + Itunes + Blog post for every post to make it easier to share with the guest so they can market the episode afterwards (eg: Listen to Episode 22 on Stitcher )
Create a NEW I Am Multicultural Blog Post
  1. Question Intro - copy it from the Show Notes
  1. LISTEN NOW + Libsyn link: 
  1. ADD this section Heritages: John is Serbian and Cynthia is South African
  1. Multicultural Topics Addressed
  1. For example:  We talk about the following:
  1. Raising kids with different backgrounds
  1. Discussing racism with your kids
  1. GUEST Shares: 5 of the most fascinating, poignant OR helpful interview quotes
  1. For example: Rob Yaskovic shares:
  1.  10:45 - everyone should buy a cat because it will change your life.
  1. Get to Know Guest Name - list all the ways people can get in contact with the guest & link the words
  1. For example: Get to Know Ashley Gerrity
  1. See her latest work or adventures on Instagram
  1. Check out her Website
  1. GUEST Name’s Favorites in Lightning Round
  1. For example: Ashley Gerrity’s Favorites:
  1. FOOD: Chicken Wings - link to a top Youtube video on how to make Chicken wings
  1. Favorite Book: The Hobbit - link to Amazon

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Intro Summary
GUEST Bio Summary - who they are, where they live, married, kids


We talk about the following:

GUEST shares:

Get to know GUEST