How we got 900+ new users and 20,000 uniques in 2 days in Viral Loops
Note: I will keep updating this guide with new tactics, so make sure to keep an eye on ;)

Want to see how we apply all of these tactics mentioned on this guide?
👉Then take a look at our latest Product Hunt Launch: Viral Loops for Shopify 🎉

What Product Hunt is

Product Hunt is one of the biggest communities where new tech products are launched first. 
If you’re looking for an online tool or service, this is the place you’ll find the best ones.

The community members are mainly startup founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, designers and tech people, in general.

Everyday, people from the Product Hunt community submit (hunt) new products—they’re called “hunters.” Then the community members upvote those products they like.

The products with the most upvotes are the ones the most people see, and therefore sign up to.

Some important factors that affect your product’s ranking in the day are:
  • the number of upvotes
  • how fast you’re getting the upvotes (velocity)
  • number of comments


It’s a great marketing channel if you want to:
  • build brand awareness
  • acquire new users and customers without spending any marketing budget
  • get connected with investors
  • get featured on tech blogs and podcasts

How we did it for Viral Loops

Here is the Product Hunt launch I’m talking about:

and here you can see all of our “hunts:”

#1 We made sure that our landing page (and our branding, overall), was Product Hunt friendly. What does ‘Product Hunt friendly’ mean? The top performing products in Product Hunt are the ones that use cool and startup-like design.

There’s one simple question that could help you understand if your website’s design fits this profile:

Would you put an emoji on your page title? In case your answer is ‘hell no’, you should probably reconsider your design. 😃

We try to keep our branding in uber cool mode, full of happy colors and emojis we love. We took the extra mile and we built a dedicated landing page for this particular offer called Viral Loops for Startups’, so we could draw the attention of Product Hunt’s audience.

#2 We tried and found 1 of the Top 3 hunters, that accepted our request to submit our product.