How to get free customization
To get free customization you should purchase the extended license of Music Producer Tool.
With this purchase, you can get free customization of 5 different scenes or one scene with 5 renders. It can be all set with 5 different resolutions and durations or scenes with different sets. 

📌 You should provide 

  • Purchasing code (or email me via profile page)
  • Description note with scenes what you want to be used. Music name, author name, badges of audio services which should be added, and colors. 
  • Music File
  • Image or video footage. 
  • Logo (If needed)
Please, organize it in Zip file, or Upload it on cloud service (Dropbox or GoogleDrive) in one folder

3 Day Delivery (If you organize your documents well it might take less than 24h )

Want more than 5 renders or have any questions? 
Fell free to ask: