How to clean electric knife?
In today’s cooking job the best electric knife has have something special and advanced for the cooks. The cooks of restaurant and housewives who works in the kitchen are very much eager to have best electric knife. It has stainless steel blades in two part which moves speedily to cut or slice meats, fishes and vegetables. But you have to perform a responsibility after you have finished the job of slicing or cutting. 

The job is to keep the blades clean so that you can use it many more times safely for cutting or slicing. You can follow the steps below to keep the blades of knife neat and clean :

  1. Don’t cut fat things : If you want to keep your knife neat and clean then you should not cut fat things with it because they get with the body of the steel like a paste. If you are not being able to clean then it may become problematic for you. The fatty fishes or meats should not be sliced with the help of best electric knife if you want to keep it clean.
  1. Use hot water : To clean the best electric knife blades you should use hot water of 100 degree. You should clean the blades with hot water when you will cut or slice fishes or meats with them. To clean it with hot water you just need to remove the blades from the main part of the machine and then pour the blades into the deep hot water.
  1. A soft piece of cloth: You may have found your best electric knife to become dirt after slicing a massive amount of raw things. Then you should make the blades neat and clean with a piece of cloth. It is mainly needed when you slice cakes or cheese with the help of best electric knife. Then you should apply the soft piece of cloth on blades to remove the dirt from it.
  1. Use sharp Blade To clean : you also clean the knife using a sharp blade or knife to clean the surfaces of the best electric knife. If you think you need to clean it over and over during slicing then you should apply this process for cleaning. Thus it will never make your food like cake, breed or cheese dirt ever when you are slicing them.
  1. Use hands: You can also use your hands to clean the blades of the best electric knife. If you have washed your hand and fingers properly then you can apply it to clean the blades of the knife. You may have worn hand cover so it will safe for you to clean the dirt over the blades.
It is necessary to keep the blades of the best electric knife neat and clean. When you have completed cutting and slicing then you should keep it neat and clean. Thus it will remain safe and risk free when you use it for next jobs.