How About a Do-Over?
In a recent blog post, @Daniel Bassill lays it out on the line:
  • Since 2011 I've continued to operate the Tutor/Mentor Connection from the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC structure. Same goals. Same strategy. Just different tax structure. I've had little revenue to support what I'm doing, and have been paying excess costs from my own retirement savings, which is shrinking fast.
  • Thus, I'm calling for a "Do Over".  While I had no blueprint in 1993 when I started the Tutor/Mentor Connection, others who might want to create a master plan to respond to violence in Chicago and poverty and inequality in America and the world, have my archives and web library as a resource.
I haven't been paying enough heed to my mentor/friend lately.  No excuses.  So I am creating this space for people to help Daniel create a Do Over.  The idea is to not limit this to any particular idea or set of ideas on how Daniel might begin a do over. My thought is that you can come here an just start putting your own ideas and maybe find a way to contribute.  Daniel is one of the ways American is already great.  Do something to help him or someone you know who is like him.
4-20-2017 update - Thanks again Terry for setting this up. I've received three donations, from you, Kevin and another. Thank you.  Recently two who I've known for more than 10 years told me on Facebook, "Your work was ahead of the curve,  frankly it still is."   This is strong evidence of the need for a "do over" with younger people digging into my archives, blogs, web sites, wiki, etc. and making a commitment to carry these ideas into the future, when they may become more "timely" and accepted. I may not be alive when that happens, but the fruits of many movements in the past have been harvested long after the originators had died. Finding a college, business, hospital, faith group, etc. to begin the learning process over the next couple of years is critically important.  Heck, just finding someone who will keep my blogs, web site and library live on-line if something happens to me in the near future, is a critically important first step.
6-17-17 update - This conversation is now located in Dropbox.   Terry and Kevin, I hope you’ll invite others to join in and help me with this. 
Here are some ideas:
  1. Kickstarter
  1. Indiegogo
  1. Read and comment on his posts and ideas here and here. Encourage his courage. 
  1. Volunteer to help with his mapping problems so that he can reach more people.
  1.  Help him with social media campaign.
  1. Recommend his work on your own blog/social media site.
  1. Hire him to you develop your own mentoring program (he has 20+ years of experience)
  1. Sponsor him for a week of work without any particular agenda
  1. Give money to groups he supports
  1. Visit Daniel for a week and help him. 
Does the difficulty to Do over Tutor/Mentor reflect a wider problem of volunteer programs in the US and elsewhere? 
The US Volunteer Rate is still dropping why?
Does it imply an increase in individualism? Does it imply an increase in private companies that are looking to make profit from social problems? In countries in Europe - Sweden for example the refugee crisis has created a market for companies like in this article 
Private housing firms in Sweden are profiting from the refugee crisis say critics.
Similarly in universities there is increasing pressure on students and teachers to invest their time in "measurable" activities which will give them a return on their "investment".  
If everything is reduced to business/market relations then the idea of community/public service ceases to exist. 
Increasingly people are given "fear narratives" which serve the interests of security companies and authoritarian politicians.