Hospital Cash Plan

What we insure 

Compensation for each day you are in hospital 
  • If you are hospitalised, we will compensate you for each day you are in hospital. The period of admission includes the day of admission but excludes the day of discharge. 
  • To qualify for the benefit, you must be admitted to a hospital for at least 24 (twenty-four)
      hours as a registered in-patient on the recommendation of a medical practitioner. 
The hospital must meet these conditions 
  • We will compensate you only if the hospital meets all the following conditions: 
         a. it maintains permanent and full-time facilities for the care of overnight resident
         b. it has diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for major surgical and medical
         diagnosis and the treatment and care of injured and sick people; 
         c. medical practitioners conduct or supervise the diagnosis, treatment and care; 
         d. it provides a 24 (twenty-four) hours a day nursing service supervised by nurses
          who are state-registered or hold equivalent qualifications. 
  • The following are not considered as hospitals under this section: mental institutions; places
      of rest; places for the aged; places for drug addicts or alcoholics; nursing or recovery
      homes; long-term nursing units; geriatric wards; hospices; homes for disabled; pre-recovery
       wards or extended care facilities for recovery; or rehabilitation facilities. 
If you are admitted more than once 
  • If you are admitted to hospital more than once in 12 (twelve) months, and each admission is 
      from the same cause, we consider the separate admissions as one admission.
  • If you are admitted to hospital more than once in 12 (twelve) months, and each admission is
      from a different cause, we consider the separate admissions as separate. 

What we do not insure

We do not compensate you under this section for treatment of illness, injury or physical
defect caused by any of the following: 
treatment for the effects of alcohol; 
  • driving with more than the legally permitted level of alcohol in the blood; 
  • if the injury was the direct result of being under the influence of alcohol; 
  • intentional, self-inflicted injury; 
  • suicide or attempted suicide; 
  • pregnancy or childbirth; 
  • mental disease or mental disorder, unless it is properly managed by a qualified 
  • diabetes, unless it is being properly managed by a qualified doctor;
  • taking a drug, unless it is taken on proper medical advice and not for treating drug
  • any illness or injury that is related to, or as a result of, HIV or AIDS. If we believe 
     that your illness or injury is related to, or as a result of, HIV or AIDS, you will have
     to prove otherwise before we accept your claim; 
  • conditions that you are born with or childhood diseases contracted by a child 
      insured under this section; 
  • flying other than as a passenger in a legally licensed passenger carrying aircraft; 
  • cosmetic or plastic surgery, except as a result of accident or disease. 
      We only compensate you for the amount that you were insured for under this policy at the
      date of the accident or disease