Homework: Net Art Pioneers Activity
For the next activity, we’ll look at a few examples of early net art that is still viewable online. For each example, answer the following questions:

Feel free to work in groups if you’d prefer!

  1. What is the first thing you do on the website? What do you think the artist intended you to do?
  1. How does imagery function in this piece?
  1. How does typography function in this piece?
  1. How does the navigation and hyperlink function in this piece?
  1. Is there a narrative in this piece? How is it communicated (through design/graphics/interaction?)
  1. How does this website compare to websites you use more often?
  1. How would you evaluate the design?

You can place your answers on our shared Mural doc:

Credits: This activity is inspired by Alison Colman’s research described in Net.art and Net.pedagogy: Introducing Internet Art to the Digital Art Curriculum (2004)

1. map.jodi.org (1999) – Jodi (Dirk Paesmans & Joan Heemskerk)

2. Riot (1999) – Mark Napier

3. Gallery of US Descramblers (2000) – David S. Touretzky

4. Online Newspapers (2004) – Olia Lialina

5. Love (1996) – Group Z