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Once again, the client was in need of 1) finding their own voice and 2) stating something their leads and prospects care about. They’re happy about finding both with this long-form, home page copy below. Then, we created this design to further bolster their voice and vibe (we made it look like the rest of the site for now. Soon, we’ll redesign the entire site to match the words.). The result- a story easy to tell, easy to read, easy to hit the ‘contact us’ button.



Implementation Engineers helps Aerospace, Mining and other global manufacturing companies produce products more efficiently- using the people and equipment they already have.

We’ll do the same for you. Contact us today to learn how.


1) We’ll Develop Your Strategy…

ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES- Is it best to go global or local? Should you buy, assemble or make your products from raw materials? Are you tackling the right problems- now and for the future? What’s the right technology to automate your manufacturing processes? And what are the interdependencies for your current mix of products, processes and customers- and why does this matter?

Implementations Engineers will create a clear strategy, with answers for your most important business questions

We’ll help you discover, evaluate, prioritize and choose the best options for the products you produce. So you can delight customers while achieving your highest possible ROI. 

FOR YOUR OPERATIONS- We know you’ve got plenty of critical optimization initiatives on your corporate plate. We’ll help you gather, clarify and prioritize them to realize your important outcome- as envisioned by your leaders. 

Implementation Engineers will create a clear strategy to optimize your operations

Know with confidence what your future operations will look like- and the results they’ll produce.

2) Then… Implement Your Strategy

With your strategy well-defined, Implementation Engineers will create and execute your plan to…

Improve the flow of your manufacturing processes to produce more products, in less time, with better quality

We work with leaders to identify and influence positive change. Then, work with your people, side-by-side, to show and share how to execute more efficiently across all work streams… 

while using your existing people and equipment

Hiring and buying more might be a solution. Optimizing what you do, with what you have, is definitely the place to start. Do this, and you’ll realize a 2X to 10X ROI for our services, typically within 12 months.

Since 1963, on thousands of projects, for hundreds of domestic and global clients

Optimizing operations for oil rigs, hangars, assembly lines, bridges, laboratories and loads of others

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John Doe, VP- Operations, ACME.com

Call us today to develop and implement your critical strategies.


What You’ll SEE

Achieving your financial goals requires you to have insights on how your plant is performing.

We’ll work with you to…

Develop a visual dashboard to make it obvious- what’s working, what’s not, what to change

For instance, at a glance, SEE…