National Transport Model                                                 
The National Transport Model (NTM) provides a systematic means  of comparing the national consequences of alternative national  transport policies or widely-applied local transport policies. These  policies can be compared against a range of background scenarios which  take into account major factors affecting future patterns of travel.                                                  
Geographic range: National
Road traffic forecasts 2015                                                 
See also the DfT's Transport appraisal and strategic modelling (TASM) research reports.                                                 
Geographic range: National 
To be released: Road schemes                                                 
Period: 2015 to 2020                                                 
Geographic range: National 
Road schemes                                                 
Period: post 2020                                                 
Geographic range: National  
Planning applications for Leeds                                                 
Geographic range: Leeds      
Planning applications for Bradford                                                 
Geographic range: Bradford  
Planning applications for Calderdale                                                 
Geographic range: Calderdale                       
Traffic flow/accidents/road works
Period: 2009-01 to 2015-03 
Geographic range: National
M62 Flow data                                              
M62 Junction 25 to 30 traffic flow, occupancy (%), speed (km/h), and headway (deciseconds) per lane per minute.                                                 
Period: 2016-10-03 (Monday) to 2016-10-16 (Sunday)                                         
Live traffic information from Highways England (previously Highways Agency)                                                 
Live traffic information data showing traffic information on  the strategic road network in England, maintained by Highways England  (previously called the Highways Agency).                                                 
Period: Live                                                 
Geographic range: England                                         
Interactive web app to view TMU/MIDAS site reports                                                 
Format: web app                                                 
Geographic range: National                                         
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