Handbook for Families
1295 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301
650-469-3656 – be@truschool.org

Welcome Message (2019)

Dear families,
We are glad to start the year with you as we celebrate and study Living through our integrative program. You will play an important role in helping our students understand how their world, ecosystem, society, and bodies work.

Please think about how you would like to support the growth of this unique school, for your own children and for many children in the future. With mindfulness practice, emotional awareness, and performance skills embedded in a project-based learning environment, we have a model of education that leads to greater confidence and connection to the world.

Happy wishes!


Table of Contents

  • Mission
  • Core Values
  • Governance
  • Board
  • Staff
  • Communication Between Parent and School
  • School Calendar
  • Snack and Lunch
  • Drop off and Pick up and Extended Care
  • Late Arrivals
  • Teacher Absence
  • Visiting the Classroom
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • School Rules
  • Rocks in the Basket
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Guide to Participation
  • Classroom Discipline
  • Home Learning
  • Technology
  • Media Guidelines
5. Safety
  • Playground Safety on Campus
  • Off Campus Playground
  • Hazardous Tools
  • Incidents and Injuries
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Medications and First Aid