Great British Staycation 

Partner Toolkit

July 2021

With the uncertainty around foreign travel, 4 out of 5 people are expected to take a break in the UK, flocking to the beaches, lakes and rivers. The Great British Staycation campaign, aims to build awareness with the public of the actions they can take to protect and improve water quality.

Below you’ll find all the materials you need to support and promote the Great British Staycation #WaterWarriors campaign. You can use these on your social media channels and your websites, in your newsletters and other customer communications. 

Many thanks, 
Defra Digital Team

In this toolkit you will find:
  • Social media statics and suggested post copy
  • Videos for social media and suggested post copy
  • Poster
  • Template article and copy for campaign supporters
  • Messaging on littering and Countryside Code

Please note that these assets are updated periodically by the digital team to ensure they are up to date so please make sure you always return to this page and download a new version of the video you want to use each time, rather than storing it on your local drive and reusing.


Social media assets: Statics 

Individual statics - post copy:

Dog poo: 

Don't leave dog poo on the beach or riverside! 🐕
It contains very high levels of bacteria that can affect water quality and pose a risk to health.
Be a #WaterWarrior and join all those who clean up after their dogs to keep bathing waters safe. 

Fats, Oils and Grease: 

#WaterWarriors don’t feed fatbergs!
Pouring used cooking fat and oil, or leftover food, down your sink can:
🛑 Clog up your pipes
🛑 Pollute our rivers with waste water
Share to help protect and improve our water quality. 

Bathing season: 

Water quality can take a dip at some bathing waters following heavy rain or high tides 🌧️